Month: July 2013

Catching up…

Today I am going to use this day for catching up, I have been busy running around like crazy filling out applications. If I am not doing that I am back and forth on the bus going to places to fill and pick up applications. I am tired, I haven’t had the time to really just stop and relax and enjoy being here, for it has been somewhat stressful just thinking about all the things that I need to do. But today that ends, at least for a couple of days. Today is just going to be spent blogging, catching up, and then back to the apartment, where I will indulge in some movies that my mom brought down for me.

To start, I am loving Austin, not so much loving the humidity, there are days like today, where it is not so humid, it is pretty warm out and there is a nice breeze going on, that feels like a right summer day. I am not liking that I am not getting any call backs at the moment, the ones that I have gotten, are either too far out, or in places that I wouldn’t be caught dead at night-time, well hardly want to be there in the day time either, but soon, soon I have to keep it positive that my phone will be blowing up with all the places that I have applied to, so much so, it is going to be hard to keep track of them, speaking of keeping track, I really do need to get a calendar, Oy!

Only one more day left in the month of July, and boy has it been a month. I know August holds nothing but positive things for me. I am truly blessed. My mom will be back down here in a couple of weeks to visit me again, then my sister and nephew are planning on coming down as well, we shall see, since they have only been here once, I am not so sure they know the way absolute. I have not made any friends yet, but hopefully soon, I can meet up with the Austin Bloggers on my WordPress blog for a cup of coffee, a nice ladies meet and greet. Something I truly need at this time.

It has been pretty quiet around my world, and it sucks not having people around to talk to, I would be lying if I didn’t say that at times I find myself crying myself to sleep, or the tears flowing from one thought to the other. No matter what I still miss him, my mind finds itself going back to when I would visit here and we were together having fun, I miss those times so much so, it isn’t the same when you have to do things on your own, I know that at times we must do these things, but when you have done it for so long, and then you find someone who shares it with you… But I suppose that I shouldn’t be thinking about this.

Tomorrow I am going to go out and catch the bus to find the Blanton Museum, it has been a long while and I am feeling that I need to catch up on some creativity in this city, I will probably be out and about most of the day finding places here and there, where perhaps my touch of creativity will catch a spark. As it has been lacking for a very long time. With that I think that I am going to be blogging more on this blog than the other, right now I really do need to cultivate and get this blog growing as I have with the other. I definitely need to work on trying to blog more as well from my phone, I have some bugs to work out, especially trying to upload photos, last night I only got two to upload, and well that is just not going to do, when I am taking photos from my phone and trying to get them on here, so I need to work more on getting better at that. For now I think that this will be all for the day. I hope that you are all enjoying your day. If it is a great day, get out and enjoy!

Busy bee

That is pretty much what I’ve been up to.  My days are filled with busses and lots of walking.  Mornings are spent either on the bus going places and putting in applications or walking down to the library to get on their computers to fill out applications.  Then the evenings are spent walking off the energy of the day.  I feel lighter.  Before long, I will be able to fit into those skirts quite nicely.

So putting in aps from target to call centers and in-between.  I am keeping positive. Today I spent a little time at The Domain.  Just a couple of photos to enjoy.



New Kicks


Today I bought a new pair of shoes, the ones I had were worn and were wearing on my feet.  And since I have been walking non-stop, I think it was in order.  My oh my have I  been walking, yesterday evening I walked, and walk, and walked some more, up one end of the street, and down the other to the HEB.  I had a craving for fried chicken, but instead left with a box of stoffuers  lasagne.  All good, all good.

Today I headed out, went to the tech ridge plaza.  bought some hangers at the target, was looking for an umbrella at the ross’s but no go.  I am trying to keep myself busy, either by walking, or coming to the library to fill out applications, for now I am just focusing on getting a Job, then the rest can fall into place.  Still waiting on a couple of calls that are suppose to be coming this week.  I need to be a little bit more patient, I tell you it is hard though, very hard.

It is almost 3:30, and I am already beat for the day, I blame it on the weather, humidity takes a toll.  Well for now this is all I have to say, so keep it cool friends.


Today I am a little disappointed in myself, I was hoping to find the way to church today, but that didn’t happen.  I thought I could possibly walk around and see if I see it, but that didn’t happen, in stead I walked around in a complete circle, but non was lost on that, because I did find the strip mall where the big movie complex was in, so now I know where I can go to watch movies.  I was on the bus practically all day yesterday hoping to find out where that church was, because I had thought I had seen it while I was on the bus Tuesday, well apparently not.  It must have been when we were driving, that is when I saw it, but not to fret, because I can take a taxi to it, since it is not too, too far away from the place I live.  It just isn’t within walking distance, and as far as bus is concerned, I will take a taxi early enough to look around to make sure there are some bus stops within the distance, so that I can catch as well.  It was a little disappointing, but I am getting over it.  I will get to church soon, just not this week.

Today I am at the library; it has been filled with filling out applications for jobs.  Hopefully someone will call me this coming week for an interview.

I love where I am at, but have yet to make any friends, it can be quite lonely here in the big city.  Even though I have only been here for 1 week and 1 day.  I know in time, I will soon be making friends, and hopefully they will be the life long kinds.

I am all smiles because my mom will be coming down next weekend to see me, yes indeed.  She will be bringing the rest of my boxes, and also the bike that needed the tire fixed.  I miss her, and will be glad to see her as well.  Even though we talk on the phone every day.  It’s all new being here all by myself, and it is a bit lonely.  But I suppose that is how it is for now, but will smooth out after a bit.  I know that the walking is getting much, much better for me, especially here to the library.  I remember when I first started, I thought I was going to die, especially with all the humidity; now it has gotten better where I am not huffing and puffing so much.  All this working out I am doing, is doing this body good.  Now hopefully I can lose that tummy, and slim down these hips and thighs lol.  Stay tuned.

I will say that it definitely feels strange; when I am out and about, not having to be at home at a specific time frame, and as long as the buses are running, I can be on them going where I need to be.  Not that I am going to stay out all night and such, I am always in before dark, got to think of my safety of course.  Now once I start working, that is another thing, but we will talk about that when the time comes.

I am getting used to having to take these reusable bags with me everywhere, first thought was…  How stupid, but with having used them, and all that.  I find them well alright.  I have now compiled lots of reusable bags, from walmart, to target, to bed bath and beyond.  All come in handy.  Well friends, I am running out of computer time here, I have already re-upped; so I am about to end this blog.  Until the next time.  Keep it cool.


bathroom                      door leading into the pantry              Fireplace area and opening to bedroom


Kitchen area                     My kitchen


the kitchen                Nook


Pool area

Just a little slice of my apartment, life is good, still working on landing a Job, still working on learning this and that, but in all I think that this suits me pretty good.  Hopefully my mom will bring a fixed laptop the next time she comes down, I know she is supposed to be bringing me the bike, which would be terrific because I can go up and down the neighborhood instead of using foot power when I don’t need to do so.  I am posting this from the library, so my time is almost up, hope that you are enjoying your day, staying cool and dry; that is if you are somewhere that is raining, like here in Texas…  Keep it fun and safe, until the next time.

Up and at em’

Six days into this I can say that I am enjoying Austin.  Yes, there are some things that I am not enjoying, and that is the humidity, my goodness, it feels as thought I need five showers after being outside for just two minuets.  Anyway, I got a library card for the wells branch community library, not sure if this works for all branches of the library, will have to ask.  If not then will find a central library and get a card there as well, but for now this is where it’s at.  In fact as the time is ticking away, I know I need to be logged onto my mail to start filling out applications.  So I leave you with this…  God is so good.  Have a great day.

Walk this way

Wednesday was a day for walking.  Today these feet walked for miles and miles. And then some.  It was raining this morning so I waited it out, I decided I was going to find this library one way or the other, um when they said it was up the street, they obviously didn’t mean a short walk.  It took me 15 min to reach it, felt more like 30.  Anyway the neighborhood is well-kept and pretty friendly.  Love it.  Streets are clean as well.  So get there only to find they do not open until ten.  So sit and wait.  They open up, I go in and ask to get a library card; only to be told they needed a copy of my lease with current address or bill.  Or i.d funny I had non of that on me. Short story… no library card today.  But tomorrow is a new day.  So after that, I got the bright Idea to find that HEB that is up the street, you know that means more walking.  Oh how I love walking 😉   so as the story hoes I walk until I see it.  The reason I am there is to get an umbrella, now if you know my story from Monday it rained and I had gone to the Domain by bus.  I left my pretty rainbow umbrella on the bus; ended up being rained on and ended cutting my bus riding day short.  Fast forward next day; turned out to be a great day.  Luckily I had my mini backup umbrella.  So go out on the buses again, this time It was at the end of the line.  I had made it all day with that umbrella and then Bam!  Left it on the 383.  Very disappointing.  So go to HEB oh yeah they had them.  But not paying 15 bucks.  So got a couple of rain hoods.  Will have to do until I hit up Ross.  A lot cheaper.  Anyway walking back I got the brilliant Idea to keep walking up the street to see was shops were there since I got a good tip that there was a beauty shop that catered to black hair.  So indeed had to check that out, sure enough there it was; so I took down numbers and names.  Will be giving a call next week for the skinny.

With that I was heading back to the apartment just long enough to grab my lease and back to the library, I seemed to get side tracked on the way back well there is a liqueur store down the street from the apartments.  I was thinking it would be refreshing to make up a slushy drink using the mixers.  So away I went.  Got my mixers and headed back home.  These are only the mixers no alcohol, since I do not drink any more.  Today’s drink is Skimpy Margarita mix with orange juice and blended with ice.  Yay for great blenders.  I will be using ita lot more this very Hot Summer.  BTW…  my feet told me they were not going back out today.  So now we are parked on the patio and I have drink in my hand and my feet up.   Looks like my day of walking is done.  🙂


Is a new and exciting day.  Today I will put feet to ground and board the bus once again.  Today will be different from yesterday.  My mission will be to take the bus to the lake line mall and to the arboretum.  No fear, I will be equipted with the tools needed and that for me is a strong mind free from fear, a bus map, an umbrella, and last but not least… A determination to do what I need to do.  New year, new circumstances, new situations, new agenda.  So today starts a new day.  Get out and enjoy.  More to come.

Europe Simulator
Europe Simulator (Photo credit: wigu)
The Day Today, The Thick Of It etc etc
The Day Today, The Thick Of It etc etc (Photo credit: Ben Terrett)

Thank you…

For Joining me on this new Journey in my life, I hope that I can continue to fill these pages with my thoughts, and the things that I see through the lenses of a camera.  I look forward to this new chapter, this thing called growth.  Life is to be enjoyed, and I am going to enjoy it to the fullest of my capabilities.  Thanks for joining.  Tomorrow is the big move.  Stay tuned friends; let the adventure begin.  🙂


To my new blogging place.  I thought that I would get a fresh new perspective on life; my life by creating a new blog.  The brighter side of 40 is a blog about my transition into being a real adult on my own in the big city of Austin, Texas.  The loss of love, and the beginning of all things new.  Life as I see it, as I feel it and as it is.  Turning 40 and all that comes with it.  So I look forward to new subscribers, and also subscribers from my other blog.