Life is what you make it…

I continue to make it the best that I can, and keep it in God’s hands as well.  Today I am spending some more time at the library filling out these applications, soon I will not have to fill out any apps because I will have a Job, stay tuned…  Life is good, life is pretty hot and humid I will say as well.  A couple more months and it will be fall, I breath a sigh.  But until then, I will battle this heat and humidity like a pro.

I thank God every morning that my eyes open, thanks and praise, it’s the only way.  One thing Is when I do land a job and get caught up on all my bills, I am getting cable and internet, heck I don’t want to even think about going into the new year without.  I mean season five of Justified will be starting in January, and believe me I plan on watching it, so these jobs need to hurry up and get me on so I can do what I need to do lol.   Gonna be a great season for the hot shot in the ten gallon hat, yeah baby!  Stay tuned…

Short blog today, so hope that all my readers are enjoying themselves.


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