Under Attack

Last night my spirit was under attack.  Satan had me in an emotional vice.  I was filled with doubt, worry, and fear.  My heart was racing and I could not sleep.  My thoughts and emotions were all over the place.  I was crying and in a panic over everything that Satan was filling my mind with.  Doubting if I had made the right choice, fearful of being alone, worrying about being loved by another;all theses things that were paralizing me to the core.  Until I cried out Lord help me.  Lord help me.  Instantly I became calm and the fear, worry, and doubt left me.  God covered me.  God was with me.  Last night my spirit was under attack and God gave me peace.

I am nothing and can do nothing without God.  I praise His Holy name for the protection He provides.  Today I am at peace.  I know it was a satanic attack of my mind.  God does not give the spirit of fear, doubt, or worry.  God is love and peace and a sound mind.  I am so thankful and grateful of His peace andpresence in my life.



4 thoughts on “Under Attack

  1. I have my trials at times(such as now). I admire your bravery to express so. It is hard to stay positive a times. God is there. It is hard to be patient. We know he does things in his own time. I know what you are feeling. I really do. Stay positive and your prayers will help. Stand strong. God will be on time. YOU ARE STRONG.

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