The hub…

It would seem that I am at the hub of things where I live, OK, maybe not at the exact center hub, but I am in a pretty good spot.  I have a bus route that gets me to the hubs, I can walk to the rail station, and to stores around me, I am in a pretty decent place, there is a call center that I have been trying to get on with that is practically down the street, I keep on keeping on with things.  I can feel it my friends, and readers, I can feel that employment is coming this month.  Well enough about work and employment and all that jazz.

Let’s talk about the dreaded heat!  Yes!  I am burning up, I swear I am trying not to run the AC too much, I have a fantastic fan/ utility blower that does wonders as well, I have the ceiling fans on 24/7, but sometimes It does call for the Ac to be turned on.  I got my electric bill the other day, hmm…  But the rents are giving me the money to pay for it.  It really isn’t that bad at all though, I am sure next months will be a lot less, due to the fact that the deposit was the high point with this months bill.  I am loving my apartment, even though I still don’t have furniture and I am using the inflatable bed as a couch lol.  But once I get going, then sofa, and bed will be mine, and I can really start decorating the way I want my cozy little apartment to be.  Life is very good, so very good, God is so very good to me!

So been taking some photos, just a new photo of Moi, hope you enjoy friends.



Mom is coming in this Saturday, happy, happy me, we will be going shopping for food stuff to fill the fridge and pantry, plus she is bringing me stuff down, so it’s all good.  She is bringing me some movies also, the first and second season’s of Justified, and perhaps I can get her to buy me the third season for prosperity lol.  along with some other movies she has.  Anyway, life is chugging along.  Enjoying the ATX tremendously.  But need to head back home, Oy!!  It is supposed to be 106 today, I have to get back before I melt into a puddle of sweetness.  Toodles readers, enjoy yourselves.


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