Here comes the rain again…

And it came, and came, and came.  In fact it came down so hard, the minuet that I got off the bus, that my poor umbrella couldn’t withstand it all, I got a good soaking, of course it was a smaller umbrella that I had just bought.  But it is good that the rain came.  Indeed it was needed.  I took the bigger sturdier umbrella to the library, and will hope that the rain holds off until I can get back home inside all nice and dry.

Tomorrow is the Open House, I am a little nervous about attending, but as my mom has always said…  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I am definitely going to venture out and attend, because I really do want this gain.  Full time work is the goal for me, and easy access because it is just down the street.  I am going in head held up high, and a smile on my face, answers to the questions at hand, a firm handshake, and total interest in working for this company.  Stay tuned…

Just got to keep the faith, yeah, I know that was a Bon Jovi song, which happened to be pretty awesome.  So here’s to me keeping the faith.  Until the next time, keep your heads up, a smile on your faces, and good spirits and blessings around.


2 thoughts on “Here comes the rain again…

  1. Words of wisdom from your Mom.

    I’m reading your blog backward, so maybe this one should have been on a later post, but I have noticed a trend:

    Maybe instead of wondering how you can impress others to be employed working for someone else, you should look inward and figure out what you can do yourself. I used to be a suit. Couldn’t deal with the office politics or the exploitation of others that came with the job, so I quit. Now I have my own landscape maintenance company. OK, so my only employees are me, myself and I, but I’m ranked #14 in a city of hundreds of other companies on AL. It wasn’t easy at the start up, but it has been self sustaining for 10 years now. Promote yourself for you, not for others. You might be amazed at the treasures you can offer, that others would want.

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