Back to the capitol

So back to the capitol we went.  This time bringing my step dad. So this makes all the immediate family finally seeing the state capitol.  Once again it was eventful, seems like every time we head out something happens.  This time we went to the Barton creek mall.  When it was time to catch the bus, I thought it would be quicker to take the north bound bus instead of the south bound.  Wrong, by taking the northbound bus we ended up going around again and back downtown before reaching the transit station.  Which took another hour and a half and still in south Austin.  Oyvey! We finally made it out of the south and back up north.  It seems to take forever to get from the south of Austin and through down town.  Anyway we got back to the apartment around 8pm.  Then went to Walmart to get some food.  Mom made delicious porkchops with gravy and rice and broccoli.  Despite the mix-up, it was a great day spent with family.  But they leave in the morning. 

Tomorrow the search continues for employment closer to home.  Pottery barn is nice, but I have been trying for something closer.  Anyway I shall see what I can do.

I leave you with a couple of photos if the day…  enjoy.






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