Month: October 2013

Goodbye October

Halloween today.  I am heading into work, to see all the ghouls stop by for their last minuet shopping and costume needs.  The season is about up, and will know who gets a regular permanent stay soon.  It has been fun. 

Thought about going out tonight to a sports bar, instead going to get a movie and stay inside.  Since I don’t drink, think this season is better left to a movie and some quiet time.  To all those heading out trick or treating, keep safe.

Hello Monday!


After getting home from work at midnight, I am up and heading to work.  Yes it is a 9 am morning for me.  I had to rush it, got up at 7am instead of 6:30.  Grabbed a cup of coffee and got dressed.  Now on the bus heading in.  Today is a foggy kind of Monday, but sure to burn off and warm up.  So here’s to Monday y’all.  Enjoy it.


You just have to step out of the box, to know what you can do.  If it works, then Yay for you, if not… You try something else.  It never hurts to try.  That is the only way you will know if you can or can not do something.  So Next month, I am going to put in an application to a place my friend used to work at, it is a manufacturing kind of place.  Let’s just see how it all goes, I have nothing to lose.  To be continued…

Marching to the beat

So I have finally got around to posting just some of the photos I took of the Marching band competition in South Austin, a couple of weeks ago, OK, I think it was three weeks ago basically, anyhow, I scrolled through my photos, and picked out some.  Hope you enjoy.


5a band

1 of only two 5A bands they had there.  Very Awesome band, very large band as well.


Ann Richards school band

This was an all girl school band, they played very well.  I was very impressed.

All Girl school marching band



The other 5A band, this one was from San Antonio, they were bad ass!  They were a very large band as well, it made me smile, they reminded me of Central’s Band in San Angelo.  Same colors and all.

Flag girls

Loved the colors the flag girls displayed, they were pretty good.



San Antonio marching band


Another bad ass band, in fact they pretty much won their rankings overall.  Wimberly marching band.


I love this kind of stuff, this is exciting, and fun to watch and photograph.

Next Saturday I am hoping to attend the Austin Indian heritage Pow Wow.  Stay tuned for those pics…

Looks like I won’t make it…

That is to the Harry Connick Jr concert.  I so wanted to go, it is next month, and I have not the funds to attend, yes!  Being an adult means sacrificing some of the things you want to do, in order to be able to pay the rent.  Oyvey, man this adult stuff sucks sometimes.  Oh Harry, how I love you so, but I will not get to see your beautiful face, and velvety voice crooning my heart.  Perhaps another time I will be able to catch you. 

Life is moving ahead, work is getting hectic, it is the busy time during this Halloween time, I was thinking about dressing up, but have decided that it really isn’t worth it for me, ha, ha, who would I have to dazzle anyhow, I was thinking about being a sexy pirate or a sexy referee chick.  I don’t do Halloween, but I like the thought of dressing up though, anytime of the year lol.  I have been thinking that I might just stroll on down to Rack Daddy’s sports bar and grill that night, just to check out what costumes are being worn, and see if they have any rocking bands going on.  I shall see how it all goes, if I go or not.  Anyway, it would be for good photos, and I am all about taking photos of some of the stranger things in Austin lol.  

Was going to go to the Texas Book Fest tomorrow, but decided, it just isn’t worth attending by myself, there really is too much that I attend by myself anyway, this is something best shared with people who enjoy books as you do, sure there are going to be people out there enjoying books, so I literally would not be alone, but I would much rather go with friends who do, and right now my friend can’t be with me to enjoy this, perhaps another time right Olivia lol. 

I am going to try to get to some other things going on next month.  Will keep you posted.  But for now, I am outie.  Enjoy your day friends.

When plans die.

Believe me, this was not in my plans.  Some did work out, others did not.  It is OK though, I get up and keep moving forward; keep putting one foot in front of the other , and taking the mountain day by day.  Believing in God, knowing He has great things and people in store for me.  Removing what does not belong, and placing what does in my path and in my life.  Oh, it may be lonely at the moment for me; I may have tears on ocassion, but Joy will come in the morning. 

Sometimes the plans you have, are not the plans the maker has for you.  Perhaps you are to go a different way.  In different relationships as well.  I am continually learning these things.  That is what life is about, always learning something new.  So here’s to newness.  May I continue to thrive and live life to the best, making every moment count.

In this life…

You will go through so many things.  It is pretty scary out in this world we live in.  With trying to keep body and spirit in tact.  With each day that goes by, hearing of children killing them selves or being killed by other student.  This is a hard world that we live in. 

Being an adult means…

Budgeting, sacrifice, paying bills, and possibly living off ramen until payday!  Oh hell no, definitely not one of the many perks I’d say.  It is a reality.  It has only been four month.  Still getting the hang of things.  Thank God for friends and parents support.  God supplies. Getting the bills paid, got food and shelter, life is moving ahead.  Got employment, so hey; not going to complain.  Doing what I need to do at this time; things are going to get better though.  Just have to keep on believing on God to keep supplying my needs.  All given thanks to Him.

Thank You…

My Gracious Father, thank you for Your cleansing rain.  It has been raining steady since last night.  I was going to attend church this morning;but with it raining I didn’t not think walking would be a good choice.  So instead I attended online.  Shoreline on the internet.  It was a great service.  Yes, I know it does not replace attending in person, but it for me is better than nothing.  I have been feeling my Faith tank getting low; it is so easy to miss going to church, all the excuses you can think of.  From work, to just not having the time, but you have time to attend festivals and concerts….  I can not go back to the ways of yesterdays.  God has given me so much, and continues to supply my needs.  To honor Him is to feed of His Word, and not grow weary in times of trouble.  For He is with me, my shield and protector always.  His Word is fuel to my soul and spirit.  Today I give thanks to all He provides.

The One

You are the One I need in my life, you are the One that keeps me true.  My heart aches when I am away from You.  You are always there for me, I need to be close to You.  With out You I am nothing.  Your strength is my strength,and Your love is my love.  I thank You every day for Your Mercy and Grace.  I boldly ask for Your guidance in the way I need to go.  Thank You my Father for Your wisdom and peace.  Thank You Father for keeping me in Your Favor.  Protecting me through the fire and the pain.  Your undying forgiveness and watching over me through all that I am going through.  Strengthen my Faith everyday and help me in forgiveness as I go about this life.  All this I pray in Jesus name.