Month: October 2013

Being an adult means…

Budgeting, sacrifice, paying bills, and possibly living off ramen until payday!  Oh hell no, definitely not one of the many perks I’d say.  It is a reality.  It has only been four month.  Still getting the hang of things.  Thank God for friends and parents support.  God supplies. Getting the bills paid, got food and shelter, life is moving ahead.  Got employment, so hey; not going to complain.  Doing what I need to do at this time; things are going to get better though.  Just have to keep on believing on God to keep supplying my needs.  All given thanks to Him.

Thank You…

My Gracious Father, thank you for Your cleansing rain.  It has been raining steady since last night.  I was going to attend church this morning;but with it raining I didn’t not think walking would be a good choice.  So instead I attended online.  Shoreline on the internet.  It was a great service.  Yes, I know it does not replace attending in person, but it for me is better than nothing.  I have been feeling my Faith tank getting low; it is so easy to miss going to church, all the excuses you can think of.  From work, to just not having the time, but you have time to attend festivals and concerts….  I can not go back to the ways of yesterdays.  God has given me so much, and continues to supply my needs.  To honor Him is to feed of His Word, and not grow weary in times of trouble.  For He is with me, my shield and protector always.  His Word is fuel to my soul and spirit.  Today I give thanks to all He provides.

The One

You are the One I need in my life, you are the One that keeps me true.  My heart aches when I am away from You.  You are always there for me, I need to be close to You.  With out You I am nothing.  Your strength is my strength,and Your love is my love.  I thank You every day for Your Mercy and Grace.  I boldly ask for Your guidance in the way I need to go.  Thank You my Father for Your wisdom and peace.  Thank You Father for keeping me in Your Favor.  Protecting me through the fire and the pain.  Your undying forgiveness and watching over me through all that I am going through.  Strengthen my Faith everyday and help me in forgiveness as I go about this life.  All this I pray in Jesus name.


Finally getting around to posting a couple of photos from my time spent at the 2013 Pecan Street Festival.  It was fun, it was crowded, and it got a little bit rainy, but I was smart and took my umbrella with me.  There were some really rockin’ bands playing.  This one band I don’t know their name, but they were really good, they had a cuban sound to them, perhaps they were a cuban band, either way I really enjoyed watching them.  I took in a couple of other bands as well.  I had some cheesy tots from The Grilled Cheese Truck, I must say they were very delicious, and ended up washing all that down with a Cup of Lemonade from a vender stand on the corner.  In all I had a pretty swell time.  I hope to enjoy the festival again next year.  Indeed a year of firsts.  Hope you enjoy the photos below.


Another band

Gems rock

Gettin it done

Grilled cheese truck

Hot band

Marble figures

Petting zoo

Dinner for one

Tonight I made spaghetti.  Dinner for one.  It was delicious.  I think now I will be trying other things as far as cooking goes.  Photo below.


Had a great birthday.  Mom came down, we went to a marching band festival.  Will post photos when I get a solid chance.  We went downtown Sunday, where I treated my mom to Gourdough’s…  she loved it.  She is now a fan.  We ended up spending a quiet day at the apartment on my birthday.  It was nice not being alone.  She had to leave the next day, as I had to go back to work.  In all, it was nice. 

So the search is on for a second job.  Put in some Apps today.  Hope I get a bite next week.  All is good in Austin.  I think I am starting to mellow out and get my bearings.  Life is good.  To be continued.


Today I turn forty.  Do not feel it, but sure I will soon enough, mind wise anyway.  Today I spent it with my mom.  She has been here since Thursday.  I am so grateful for my mom’s love.

She will be leaving in the morning, and I will be heading back to work.  It had been nice not having to spend it alone, and having the one who loves you to celebrate it with.  I mean, this is a milestone in birthday’s.  I am just grateful the Lord has given me another year. 





Milestones…  Life carries so many milestones.  You make the best and live the life you are destined for.  God has so much in store for me, I just know it.