Month: November 2013

Surrogate family

As I am sitting here at Riki’s house, surrounded by her family I think how wonderful it is to have family.  How blessed it can be.  Today I have been grafted into this big family.  I feel welcomed in a way that is so warm and Inviting.  I feel very special today.  Meeting the new.  Making new.  Riki has a very large family with lots of stories to share.

This has been a great Thanksgiving.

A baking we will go

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving day.  What will you be giving thanks for, and more important what will be on your menu?  This year I will be spending it with new friends.  What is on the menu, I do not know, but looking forward to finding out and eating.  I am bringing whole wheat pumpkin bread though.  Baked by my on hands.  Photo below.


Here’s hoping it is well liked.  Baked it today since I have to work tonight and do not have time, so all that is left for me is to be picked up and taken to the destination. 

I am very thankful this year.  May your holiday be filled with blessings, family, friends and plenty of good eats.

Happiness is…

A bowlful of honey nut Cheerios, and a great movie.  Here I sit in a pair of my warmest fuzziest socks, dancing sheep pajamas and long sleeved jersey.  A big bowl of cheerios and lots of movies to choose from.  Tonight it is night at the museum 2.  There will be more movies before the night is through.  I am spending my days off inside.  It is way too cold for me; so the warmth of my cozy apartment is perfect.

I must admit I have been in a funk, but I see good things.  I will be able to write more.  Will be able to get my photos out as well.  Speaking of photos…  I am going to be starting on something new soon.  Been thinking of some things, once I get it together I will post about it. 
So as I finish up my bowl of honey sweetness and watch my movies, let the creativity begin.

Blessed and favored

I used to feel so alone here by myself, I would pray for comfort, pray for piece of mind and heart, comfort in my spirit.  Well my blessings have been answered.  I have comfort.  I am blessed and favored all in one. 

I have been in Austin for about five months now.  And I no longer feel alone.  I thought that the holidays were going to be lonely, but you know it is not, in fact it has gotten pretty busy for me in the form of holiday invites.  I have never had so many invites, I sure am enjoying them.  So this Thanksgiving season, I have been invited to spend it with a new friend.  By new I mean we have been meaning to finally meet one another.  Well I shall be dining with her and her family.  Her and Joshua used to work with one another, and I never did get to meet her while Josh and I were together and we had been meaning to meet, but life got in the way.  You know life does have a way of doing those things; so the meeting is on for Thanksgiving.  I will be bringing my whole wheat pumpkin bread to this seasonal shindig.  I also had invites from several coworkers.  Indeed,indeed, I am blessed and highly favored.

So as I sit here on this very cold, and very wet day, I smile.  I smile because God is so good to me, have been and continues to be my comfort.  And when the weight is too much; I remember who is here to bear it all for me, only He can.  Only He can.

In good company

Just got back from dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  It was movie and dinner night with an acquaintance.  It was so nice to finally get out of the apartment and be out.  I was in good company, we went to see best men:  Holidays, which was very good.  Then on to eat.  We had good, meaningful conversation.  I so enjoyed and it was well needed.  Today has been a great day.

I learned a little more about myself during the night, during our talks.  Thinking about testing the waters again.  More on this thought for another blog.  But tonight I enjoy what I have.

Cold & rainy

Today is a cold and rainy Friday.  I am taking advantage of this day by staying inside my very toasty apartment.  Today I am thankful that I am off work.  Tomorrow I hope there is no rain and not so cold, because I am going to be hanging out with a friend from Angelo, who now lives here.  In fact we used to work together.  So hoping for decent weather and hoping things will not get cancelled.

I know this up and down weather is getting people ill.  I am thankful that my immune system is pretty good, and I continue to be in very well health. 

I am getting excited, for next Friday.  I will finally be getting connected to the interwebs.  Yes!  I have finally made an appointment to get internet service here at my apartment, so no more needing to use it at the library.  Taking those first steps my friend are the hardest, but once they are taken, the rest is just forward motion. 

Well friends, today is a day for hot tea or hot cocoa with marshmallows and tons of movie.  Yup, today will be DVDs movie day for me.  It’s a good thing I have tons.  Until next time.  Keep dry and warm, and always enjoy your day.

Another day Kirk, another day

Looks as though my meeting with the original P.I.M.P  of space “William Shatner” will not happen, not this year anyway.  As I will not be attending Austin Comic Con.  Life happens.  $$$funds get redirected to more important things and there it is.  I was looking forward to attending, but there is one happening in October of next year.   I wonder how Shatner feels about the way the new Trek is playing out, especially the way Chris Pine is playing young Kirk.  Looks like it is time to invest in a total trek collection.  To be continued.

Looks as though the weather is turning once again.  There is suppose to be a long cold front heading in.  I work till 10 tonight, so I better take my umbrella and jacket with me.  It is starting to look really gray out, and that to me means winter bleakness is on its’ way.  I am holding my own though.  To be continued.

So glad this will be my first “black Friday” not working.  Praying for more of those to come as I travel through this thing called employment.  Until the next time we shall meet my reader’s.  Enjoy yourselves.

Wide awake

Here it is, almost 3am and I am wide awake.  Somewhere between the warmth of the apartment and the coolness of the ceiling fan, I lay in the middle.  Thinking, always jostling back and forth inside my mind. 

What is it that attracts you to me?  Is it my smile, or the way my eyes light up when I speak, or is it my humour that makes you laugh in a way you have not for so long?  Could it be the sweet familiarity I give you, as though we have known one another for ages, friends through time.  Whatever it is, I suppose in time you will tell.

Unfinished thoughts in my head, running around looking and searching for a quiet space to rest.