Made the cut

That is I still have employment.  The hire on’s have decided I worked hard to be kept after the season.  This is good news.  It’s still a part time regular gig, so that still means I need to keep up the search for another pt to go with.  Or a full time.  I’d much rather have full time of course…  To be continued.

Today is a day off.  Did some deep cleaning of the apartment.  Doing laundry for the week and preparing for my mom’s visit tomorrow.  So happy to have her here this week.  She won’t be coming for Thanks Giving; but if the weather is good, then for sure she and hopefully my dad will be here for Christmas. 

Today the weather is very windy, and there is a freeze on the way, so glad I have heat and a huge coat.  It’s all good.  Well we shall see how good it stays, I am not one for the cold.  Time for hot cocoa and marshmallows .

So I will be on radio silence until the weekend is over.  To all my loyal reader’s enjoy your week and weekend, keep safe and have fun in whatever you do.


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