Another day Kirk, another day

Looks as though my meeting with the original P.I.M.P  of space “William Shatner” will not happen, not this year anyway.  As I will not be attending Austin Comic Con.  Life happens.  $$$funds get redirected to more important things and there it is.  I was looking forward to attending, but there is one happening in October of next year.   I wonder how Shatner feels about the way the new Trek is playing out, especially the way Chris Pine is playing young Kirk.  Looks like it is time to invest in a total trek collection.  To be continued.

Looks as though the weather is turning once again.  There is suppose to be a long cold front heading in.  I work till 10 tonight, so I better take my umbrella and jacket with me.  It is starting to look really gray out, and that to me means winter bleakness is on its’ way.  I am holding my own though.  To be continued.

So glad this will be my first “black Friday” not working.  Praying for more of those to come as I travel through this thing called employment.  Until the next time we shall meet my reader’s.  Enjoy yourselves.


3 thoughts on “Another day Kirk, another day

    1. Perhaps next time. I will be more financially able. So you were thinking of going as well. That is cool. We definatly have to meet up pretty soon. Sadly it may have to be in the new year, since this one is filling up. But not so sad, since new year brings new experiences and newness all around, don’t ya think. 🙂

      1. Coffee sounds good! The New Year will definitely be great; once things settle down from the holidays it always feels like a clean slate. 🙂

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