Cold & rainy

Today is a cold and rainy Friday.  I am taking advantage of this day by staying inside my very toasty apartment.  Today I am thankful that I am off work.  Tomorrow I hope there is no rain and not so cold, because I am going to be hanging out with a friend from Angelo, who now lives here.  In fact we used to work together.  So hoping for decent weather and hoping things will not get cancelled.

I know this up and down weather is getting people ill.  I am thankful that my immune system is pretty good, and I continue to be in very well health. 

I am getting excited, for next Friday.  I will finally be getting connected to the interwebs.  Yes!  I have finally made an appointment to get internet service here at my apartment, so no more needing to use it at the library.  Taking those first steps my friend are the hardest, but once they are taken, the rest is just forward motion. 

Well friends, today is a day for hot tea or hot cocoa with marshmallows and tons of movie.  Yup, today will be DVDs movie day for me.  It’s a good thing I have tons.  Until next time.  Keep dry and warm, and always enjoy your day.


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