Happiness is…

A bowlful of honey nut Cheerios, and a great movie.  Here I sit in a pair of my warmest fuzziest socks, dancing sheep pajamas and long sleeved jersey.  A big bowl of cheerios and lots of movies to choose from.  Tonight it is night at the museum 2.  There will be more movies before the night is through.  I am spending my days off inside.  It is way too cold for me; so the warmth of my cozy apartment is perfect.

I must admit I have been in a funk, but I see good things.  I will be able to write more.  Will be able to get my photos out as well.  Speaking of photos…  I am going to be starting on something new soon.  Been thinking of some things, once I get it together I will post about it. 
So as I finish up my bowl of honey sweetness and watch my movies, let the creativity begin.


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