What The What?

After such beautiful,warm,inviting days it is now going to be freaking COLD!  This kind of news do not make for a smiling Deborah.  In fact it down right sucks.  It sucks for one: I do not enjoy being cold, something inside me just locks up.  Brrrr…  I mean heck I just got the shivers thinking about it all.  Two: The tree lighting happens Saturday night, and I really want to attend.  Three: I don’t like bring cold, and four: did I already mention I do not like being cold!  So there you have it, why this sucks.  Oyvey! Either way I am going to brave it.  “Shakes head”.

On a possible brighter note…  my friend from Dallas may be in the area, and we may get the chance to hang out.  Keeping fingers crossed that all stays on track.  So I am just going to have to make the most of what is.

So enjoy what you have friends. 


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