Thank you, but No!

Once again here is a photo of winter Deborah.


Not a great smile, but I try when it is this cold.  I was just on my way down to the mail boxes.  On my way back, I came to a truth, and that truth is, I DO NOT LIKE THE COLD!  I’ve tried to be peaceful with it, but it is a harsh customer.  I can tell ya now, forget about me heading downtown to that tree lighting ceremony.  My brain and body just about froze getting the mail, think what would be left of me standing on the steps waiting in Hella Cold temps waiting to see a tree lighting.  No way my winter friends, I am going to pass.  Heck, that tree will be lit all December long.  I will just go when it is not deathly cold to me. 

It would seem no amount of coffee, or cocoa will do for this woman.  Who am I kidding or trying to kid!  I am not a cold weather woman, so this woman is going to pass on the bone chilling,possibly frozen night.  It is sleeting out now.  I have to be out in it tomorrow morning heading to work, that is one thing.  Hopefully if my friend makes it down; we will do ladies night in at the apartment.

It has to be a bit more warm for me to be able to cope the way I need to in this winter time.  Oh heck, winter is not even officially here.  “Sad face”.  OK reader’s back to your regular reading.


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