Party On

Not this year.  Party City, the place of my employment is throwing a party for the employees.  Sounds like fun right?  No, not really for me.  Have not been feeling the party mode.  So I will be skipping the party, and just relaxing at the apartment.  I will party another day.

Seems like I survived the day, weathered the cold, and came out semi-frozen.  Home is where the warmth is I say.  So one day of work tomorrow, and the next two days off, so say the schedule.  Well the roadways were to icy for my friend to travel, bad weather; so our meeting and ladies night out/in will have to be another day.  That is alright, better safe, than well you get the picture with this weather.  As I have said, that capitol tree will be all lit up and waiting for me when it gets a bit warmer.

Tonight it is me, hot tea with lemon, and the DVD The Mechanic.  So to all this cold Saturday night, stay warm and enjoy.


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