Beyond 365

Day 3:

Today I am… Awake.  Alive to the fact that I am blessed to have a loving mother.  Who just so happens to be here with me, for the next 3 days.  There was a time not long ago where every word between my mom and I was filled with tension and patches of arguments.  I swore that once I finally left that I was free to not hear the things that filled me full of tears and anger between her and I.  Well I finally left, moved to Austin, and you know what?  I feel my relationship with my mom has grown so much better. 

I have grown up in the past five months to see this.  Sometimes it takes space to see this.  I love my mom and truly appreciate all that she has taught and continue to teach me.  One thing I know is she would never lead me wrong.  She is a blessing to me.  Even though she still treats me like her baby, I will always be her youngest so I get it; anyhow there is always going to be that bond with us. 

Today I am…  Awake.


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