Beyond 365

Day 4: 

Today I am…  Connected.  That’s right friends, today I got home internet, now I can scurry around the inter webs in the comforts of my pj’s on a cold, wet, winter day.  Yes, I have made it to the minors, looking to graduate to the big leagues next; that would be cable 🙂 hmm…  perhaps I will receive a flat screen for Christmas, oh just a thought.

Well, on this off day from the party that I call employment, mom and I are on the bus heading down to the capitol.  Oh the joys of downtown Austin.  Going to check out the Christmas tree at the capitol.  I have been enjoying her.  Tonight we will decorate the tree.  Minus tree lights.  Might have to get some later, will see how it looks without.  So keeping well entertained this Friday the 13th.  Indeed, today I am… Connected.


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