Beyond 365

Day 5:

Today I am… In the spirit.  Well today mom put the finishing touches on the tree, I decorated it with the ornaments, and even put my little elves in-between the branches, too bad I didn’t have more of them, perhaps next time around I can find some.  I took some photos, ah, it is so feeling like Christmas time to me.  Even with all that has gone on through 2013 for me, I feel more in the Christmas spirit than just about any other year, and I pray that next season will also be the best for me.

Here are pictures of my tree, and the wreath that my mom made for my fireplace, here’s to the season my reader’s yes sir!  Today I am… In the spirit.


IMG_7396lit up, didn’t have my tripod when I took this photo, so it looks blurry.


IMG_7398used the flash on this.


IMG_7400Wreath over the fire-place.


IMG_7401Oh how I love decorating this year.


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