Beyond 365

Day 6:


Today I am…  Cold in body, but warm in spirit.   As this blessed Sunday starts, it is pretty cold out this morning, looks like I have to break out the big coat when I head out.   I am up and wide awake, I have had my coffee and breakfast, and sure-fire ready to tackle the day ahead.  This morning my mom also will be on her way back to Angelo.  I miss her already, and she hasn’t yet left, funny how that can be, but it is.  I will be seeing her and my dad for Christmas, and if he can’t make it; I know she will be down here to spend with me.  But it’s time for her to go back home to her husband, and her kitty precious.

I have enjoyed her stay, we have done nothing, and enjoyed it, we have spent time, and that is what matters most at this time in our lives.  We have seen the tree at the capitol, and almost saw bats fly, but that is for another day, when the weather is more accommodating.  Yes indeed, I have enjoyed my mom.  As the days, months, years go, I am learning to enjoy much more, and learning to let go of what does not benefit me as well, all a process of course, but one I welcome.  Life is good, so very good, do not have much if any to complain about, and I am learning to give it up to God.

So as I make my way to getting ready to welcome the day at hand, I hope all my reader’s enjoy their day as well.

Today I am… Cold in body, but warm in spirit.


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