Fanning the flames

And what I mean by that is, now that I have internet here, I can watch Netflix, I am watching it from my mom’s account, soon I will get my own account set up and pay for a year’s worth, so that I need not worry about having moolah in the account for it; for now I got free Netflix going on.  With that I have finally finished the first season of Torchwood.  The spinoff from the Doctor Who series.  I love me some Torchwood, and now they have two more seasons added, so there are three seasons in all on Netflix.  I just finished up season two about an hour ago, now on to season three.

Oh how you can get sucked up into such wonders, long live Netflix.  But beyond Netflix, there is season four of Justified that came out just today.  This puts a smile on my face, knowing that Raylan Givens is just x amount of dollars away from being in my clutches.  Then there is the start of season number five in January.  Actually the seventh of January, looks like I might just miss some espisodes, due to the fact that I do not have a television, that I am still working my way to lol, the season will go on, I will get to catch some, this is a promise lol.  I know, I sound crazy, but you must understand my love for this show is great.  Oh viva la Justified.  🙂

Once I get enough $$$’s I am going to add the complete box set of Torchwood to my collection.


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