Winter Weatherland

It is officially the first day of Winter…  Even though, winter has been here for weeks, today in Austin it is rainy and pretty much icky.  Not really cold, but not really warm either, a combination of the in-between.  I am not really looking forward to getting out in this, but work goes on, and today is a much busy day at work, in fact our Saturdays are the most busy, with people ordering balloons and picking up balloons that they have ordered, my goodness.  I must say that by being at Party City, I have learned how to do balloons, even the coolness that is putting a balloon inside of another balloon and having it be a cool color combo when they are blown up, or putting a colored balloon inside of a clear balloon and blowing them both up for a double balloon.  Always learning new things, that’s the way to grow in life.

Welcome Winter…. NOT! lol.  I will get through it all, I always do.  Keeping my head held up high and bundled up to the max during this time of year.  Enjoy it friends, enjoy it.


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