Beyond 365

Day 19:

Today I am…  Enjoying.  Tonight is the last night of my mom being here with me in Austin.  The last night until at least January 4th and 5th, when she will be back with my sister and nephew in tow for a couple of days.  I am really going to have to see if I can get at least 4 days off, so that I can get around to going back to San Angelo just for a visit with my family.  To be continued on that one.

Just sitting here with the Christmas tree lit up and enjoying the Avenger’s with mom.  Life is good, of course it feels a little more mellow for me, since I just took a pain pill for my aching feet, all is good in my land lol.  I have two more days of work, then I have New year’s eve and new year’s day off.  I thought that I would hate being alone on new year’s eve, but heck, I am going to so enjoy my little relaxation session.  In fact with 3 more days left in the year 2013, I am so looking forward to 2014.

Indeed, my friends, let’s get ready for greatness.

Today I am…  Enjoying.


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