Month: January 2014

So long January.

Looks can often be deceiving,  what looked like rain this morning, burned off to a glorious Sunny, warm, 75 degree day.  Now if that don’t put a smile on my face.  So this morning I hopped on the bus and went on the route to where the place I will be going to my interview, timed it all and I actually made it there before 9am, in fact It was still 8 in the morning.  Now I know time frames for when the busses’ come and go, so Monday morning I will be ready.  I am feeling rejuvenated with all this new change going on, it actually puts me in a great frame of mind.

When I got back to the terminal the new metro rapid bus was there, so I took a photo, this boy is huge and very long.  I will be riding it soon, just to get a feel of where it stops and goes, how far, and back around to the terminal again, hey, for me that’s the way I get to know places, since I do not drive, I am not just going to hop on a bus not knowing for sure where I am going or where I am going to end up at.  Nope, I do it this way so that I will have a clue, and having a clue is a winning combination.  And I like to win.

Metro rapid bus

So here’s to the end of January 2014, it has been great, and I welcome February in with open arms, minds, and hearts, because this is my year.

Beyond 365

Day 53:

Today I am…  Ridin’  on the bus.  Yes, today I thought it would serve me well to take the busses to where my interview will be.  My first interview, I took a taxi there, because I had to work that day, and I did not know how long it was going to take.  This time I have the day off, but need to know how long it will take me to get there before 9 am.  Right now I am on my second bus.  I will have to take 3 busses .  With the new services and route changes, I will need to know how to navigate, and there is no time like today to do it.  So glad this is my day off.  That will be one less thing that I will not have to fret about.

It looks as though it may rain today, though it is not cold, I am happy about that.  Well let’s just see how today goes.  Hope your morning and weekend is a fantastic one.

Today I am…  Ridin’ on the bus.

Beyond 365

Day 52:

Today I am…  Slow moving.  I am a bit unmotivated to clean, but I know that I must clean this apartment, I am moving at a snail’s pace at the moment.  I have my Pandora grooving, and I have had my cup of coffee, but still I sit here piddling around.  Oh my, Oh my.  I so hate cleaning, but I haven’t cleaned this apartment for over a week or two, and being inside during these cold weeks, It truly needs airing out and cleaning up.  Plus, I do not want to get sick, you know the flu is still out there.  I think I need to open the curtains and get some sunlight in, that just might spark me.

It has been a week of work, and I get today and tomorrow off, so I need to do what needs to be done.  One thing that I am happy to announce today is that I got a call back for the second interview with the call center, I have an interview this coming Monday.  So stay tuned reader’s.  Stay tuned.

Time is passing by so quickly, if I stop to look at it, I have lived in Austin for almost 7 months come the next month.  Before I know it, a year will have passed for almost everything.  It can be so strange.  Life continues to move on, with or without you.  I can still say that I am settling in.  I still have no furniture in my apartment lol.  Soon, soon, soon.  I suppose I am also slow-moving on that as well, life my friend, life.  I suppose until that day comes, then I should just not talk until I have something to show for.

I need to get my priorities in alignment, I do not need to be thinking about concerts and too many of the extras that I can not afford at the moment, so until then, I need to put those away, heck, concerts will always be here, perhaps when I am more able I can see some of the people I want to in concerts, but for now, I have way more important things to deal with finance wise, I do believe that is one of the major parts of being an adult mean, is getting what needs to be done, done, and then you can do other things.  First things first right?  Yeah, sometimes this adult thing is not all it’s cracked up to be, but then again…

So now let me get off my ass and get to moving it in the direction of getting this place spic and span clean.  Here’s to some motivation today.

Today I am…  Slow moving.

Beyond 365

Day 51:

Today I am…  Thawing Out!  Oh yes!  I have become a bit unfrozen this morning, sure last night It was terribly cold, not as un-bearing as the day and night before that, but still in my frozen mind, terrible enough.  Today it is still cold, and I do not have to be at work for another couple of hours, this gives me a chance to keep on thawing out, just to re-freeze on the way there.  Oh this crazy winter weather, and it’s not only Texas, it is pretty much all over the other states as well.  I am just grateful that I do not have to cross over any bridges on my way to work.  Those busses’ do be moving at a pretty fast clip.

Well my morning home-brew of coffee is getting me warmed for the day, and it’s about time I head to get ready for work.  I make it through this work day, and it will be two solid days off for me, so here’s to making it today.  Enjoy your day where-ever you may be, and keep warm as well.

Today I am…  Thawing Out!

Beyond 365

Day 50:

Today I am…  Starting my day.  Yes, with a hot cup of coffee, getting ready for the work day that is, and it is Cold, cold, cold, brrrr…  I will be leaving a bit early today, to catch the bus, to head into work.  The weather is pretty rank out today, and there have been so many accidents, and road closures, school closures as well.  It would be nice if I did not have to go into work today, but that isn’t the case.  Oh well, C’est La Vie eh.

I got good rest last night, turned in around 10 pm, was enjoying season 3 of farscape, must pick it up once I get home tonight.  I surely had forgotten how good of a show this was.  I slept in this morning, didn’t wake up till around 8 am.  So I am well rested, and feeling good this day.  Yup, in fact I feel ready to take it on, cold and all, lol.  OK, perhaps not the cold, as you know how much I dislike it.  So here’s to a productive day my reader’s, and hope you all are keeping warm.

Today I am…  Starting my day.

Cold, cold, cold.

It is cold, oh it is so cold, well not so, so cold, but just too cold for me.  Here I am back at my apartment, with the heat turned on, sitting in some layers, and just the thought of cold makes me cold.  Oyvey!  Chicken wrap in one hand, coffee in the other, as I sit here typing this out.  Let’s just see how many times I can mention how much I dislike the cold by the time winter is over and done with, I am sure you will get tired of hearing this same old story come from me, but you know what?  I dislike the cold, oh to be in the warmth of a tropical island.

Dreams of white sand beaches, heck even pink, or black sand beaches, stretched out on a hammock between two palm trees or what ever island tree they have there, listening to the sounds of the waves of the ocean, so blue and sparkly, waters so warm and inviting, as I sip some colorful tropical drink with umbrellas in it.  Oh, yes, the dream stays alive.

Snap back to reality, where I sit waiting for the warmth of the central heat to kick in and warm my apartment and me.  It was nice while it lasted.  Here’s to warmer days my reader’s.  And I hope you too are staying warm where-ever you may be.