Beyond 365

Day 26:

Today I am…  In the moment.  This is a beautiful Saturday morning spent with my mom,sister,and nephew.  This morning we are having breakfast at the IHOP down from where I stay.  Afterwards the rest of the family is off to the Barton Creek mall, while I will be headed to work.  I will not be getting to join in all the fun for today.   That is how it goes when you have to work.

In all.  I am just glad I got to see them.  They are hoping to move here over the summertime.  My sister and nephew.  Lol will not be long before it becomes a family affair, and they are all here.  I do not mind that.  I have my own place and I have my own things going on.  But will be nice to be able to show them Austin as I see it, and introduce them to new things.  Indeed, indeed.

Today I am…  In the moment.


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