Beyond 365

Day 29:

Today I am…  Beyond.  This word beyond, today I have seen it clearly before my eyes.  When you see or hear something more than twice; it is something meant for you.  And today I have seen beyond.  This morning I awoke, with thoughts of God on my mind, His word in some sort of fashion I was going to get.  I still have my bible open to Romans, I am going to start reading a chapter a day.  Anyway, I started to think about listening to Chip Ingram as well, I listen to him on and off now, before I would avidly listen to him daily.  I would sit and take notes in my little note pad, and go over them.  Well I was looking for one of my pads, but could not find it in the closet, I know that I have several large pads to write in, but wanted one smaller.

So I turn and look to the other side of the closet, and see one of the smaller composition notebooks I have, there are cd’s sitting on top of it.  I know that it is a book that I wrote in during my break-up.  So I pull it out, and think to myself, well I can just rip out the pages, and start on fresh new pages writing notes from Chip’s broadcast.  I take that composition book and sit down, I had written it for 37 days.  I decided to read day one, day ten, day twenty, day thirty, and then read day thirty-seven.  When I started to read, I felt the spirit soar through me, there was no hurt or pain; I knew that I couldn’t rip those pages out, as I closed the cover.  It was beyond me.  The three beyond’s in my life today.  As I looked around I looked to an inspiration plaque I have on my wall and in the last block it says “Love beyond words” , the title of my daily writings is Beyond 365, and the title of what I wrote on those pages of that composition book is  Beyond what I see.  That means something, for me right now, in this moment of my life, that there are so many things that God wants to take me Beyond.  I feel it, I know there is so much more for me in this life, so much more beyond what I feel, see, am today.

As I write this, I am overwhelmed with emotions, not bad ones, but the kind that makes you ache for His Words, His music, His light, and His Will.  I am so blessed, blessed with people who inspire me, who encourage me.  God puts these people in my path.  I am so inspired also by the blogs that I am subscribed to, they are so encouraging, and amazing.  They are beautiful and creative.  I feel the spirit of Love and favor over me, and through me.

Today I am…  Beyond.


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