Two for the price of One

So in this blog, you will be getting two reviews from me about Home Slice Pizza, and Hey Cupcake.


So I have been looking at Home Slice Pizza for a while now, always passing by it, well today I stopped by and got a slice of Authentic NY Style pizza, now see I have never had Authentic NY style pizza, so I have nothing to gauge it from, but from the taste of it, I am giving Home Slice a thumbs up.


A slice at home slice

Thin crust pizza, very flavorful, and the crust wasn’t hard, it tasted really delicious.  I suggest this pizza place to pizza lovers.  It is on South Congress Ave.  The Homeboy’s at Home slice make it yummalicious.


Now for Hey Cupcake…



They have a very cute trailer, I have also been eyeing this place since before I moved here.  Lots of talk about the cupcakes.  So today I decided to just go try it; and see for myself.  The price for one cupcake is about $ 3.00.  I chose the Sweet Berry cupcake.  A strawberry cupcake with a strawberry cream cheese icing, with crystalized sugar sprinkled on top, kind of gave it a sparkly look.


Sweetberry cupcake

So now time to dive in and see what all the fuss is about.  Upon first bite, I found it to be quite dense.  the cake part tasted of strawberry, but how can I say…  It felt heavy, a thickness as I ate into it, not at all what my mind or taste buds had envisioned lol.  The icing was strawberry, but it wasn’t overpowering sweet, it was subtle, that I liked, even though I love sweet things, the cupcake wasn’t so sweet, that is good.  As for the price I think  three bucks is a bit much.  Perhaps it was just the flavor of cupcake I chose, who knows…  I personally think since tasting it, that they make too much of a fuss, I do not really see much special about Hey cupcake, now this is just my own opinion.  If you want to know how good or not good they are, I suggest you try it out yourself.  As for me, that is one trailer checked off my Austin List.  Many more to come.


5 thoughts on “Two for the price of One

  1. OK, just asked in the previous post about the pizza and it does indeed look like an authentic slice! Looks delicious! I hate it when cupcake places get a lot of hype but don’t live up to them. Give me a good homemade or supermarket cupcake any day of the week. These fancy cupcake places always leave me disappointed with their dense, dry, bland cakes and icky icing.

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