Beyond 365

Day 33:

Today I am…  Pondering.  On whether I need to take down my Christmas tree or leave it up for at least another week.  Such hard decisions right?  I jokingly told my mom that I was going to leave my tree up for a whole year, just because I am me, and I could.  But really even though I can, I am not going to do that, I will probably take it down either in another week, or the week after.  I have already taken down the stockings from the fireplace mantle, and think I will put the wreath up.  I suppose it is time to put that season away.

Today the sun is shining, and it looks like it is going to be a pretty clear kind of Saturday.  Not the picture of yesterday.  You never know what you’re going to get with the weather here in Texas.  Well work today, of course it is going to be pretty busy, but I do not have to be there until 3 today.  So I get to get some things done around the apartment, definitely need to get my letter sent off to my dad in Cali, and spruce up the apartment.  Get to cooking before I leave out for work, since I am closing tonight, I don’t get in till 9:30 or so tonight.

Yesterday after I concluded my business, I walked down from the apartments to this little Mexican Cafe to check it out and see if it was any good.  El Farro is the name of the Mexican cafe.  Well I got there during part of the Lunch buffet.  It was a nice little joint, nothing really to write home about though, the food was alright, what I had anyway, I did love the decor of the place, there were lighthouses all over, and I love lighthouses.  In all, it was OK.

I want to taste Austin, to consume what it has to offer in the form of food and drink, non alcohol of course lol.  So stay tuned as well to reviews on the places I hit up.

Today I am…  Pondering.


2 thoughts on “Beyond 365

  1. Why is your tree still up? LOL I have a lot of nerve considering I left my tree up until either April of June one year. The only reason it came down then was because I needed some repairs done in my apartment and I didn’t want anyone looking at me sideways. I did visit someone’s house where she kept her tree up all year, but the caveat is that she changed the decorations according to the holiday. I considered that but it is hard to find Easter bunnies, and other holiday decorations that are affordable. This year my decorations came down before I went back to work (not that I had a lot to take down) because I was ready to move on with the year and leave the holidays in 2013,

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