Beyond 365

Day 36:

Today I am…  Decorating.  Well just a little bit.  Since I stayed in again today, to further the healing of my achy feet, I just decided to do some cleaning.  Heck right now I still have a load of clothing in the dryer.  I fixed myself some dinner, and in-between the cleaning, was watching Netflix.  So tonight I put up some masks that my mom had bought for me, she got them at the Salvation Army.  Nice find.  Eventually I want to make at least one wall into a wall of masks.  With one in the center, and many around.  I think it will look pretty darn cool.



Photo of my masks.  As I was on the phone today with my mom, I was just staring at the space above the computer, and thought to myself…  I could use this space to put the masks for now, until I gather more for my wall.  I think they look pretty cool there.  I really like the one on the right with the rainbow colors almost.  Anyway, just doing a little fixing up.  I think my time off was well served.  Tomorrow it is back to work for me.  Life, isn’t it awesome!

Today I am…  Decorating.


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