Beyond 365

Day 39:

Today I am…  Changing my mind.  Yes, today I am not going to be heading down to the domain to check out the new and I have seen from photos posted wonderful whole foods marketplace.  I will go another time.  For today I am going to use my day off for something far better, and that is lounging around in my cozy little apartment, and doing as little as possible, with the exception of either A.  Blogging and messing about on the interwebs, or B.  Watching various shows on Netflix, btw, they have some pretty interesting original shows.  I just finished the first season of Orange is the new Black.  Yes, it is pretty gritty and adult content; but interesting all the same.  I started to watch House of Cards, but to be truthful, I am not really into political shows, I think I might just pass on it, and move on to some other things, more documentaries, they have some really great documentaries.

Well I did get an email from the guy at the call center, seems the second round of interviews won’t be scheduled till some time in February.  At least I got some kind of reply and info about what is happening with all that.  It’s all good though, it’s all good.  Life is getting better by the day, and this year will be one to write about.  So on that note my good reader’s I will be heading off to start the lounging process.  Keep it fun, and enjoy the day.

Today I am…   Changing my mind.


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