Beyond 365

Day 41:

Today I am…  Worshipping.  Online that is, since I have to work, I am not able to make it down to the church in person, but they have a telecast online, so I am able to get the Word.  Sometimes, you have to get the Word through different means.  Mine is online and through bible reading.  It doesn’t replace the actual church, as is shouldn’t, it is just a means until.  The series Favor will be concluding today, and I want to soak up all that I can.  I am so very favored, and blessed, so much so, that I want to be a blessing to others.

I wake up every morning praising His name, I look around and see so much going on and I praise Him for all that I have, and all I continue to have and be.  I know that without Him I am nothing, and can do nothing, but with Him, I have strength, power, hope, grace.  Keeping my eyes on Him.  He’s got me.

Today I am…  Worshipping.


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