Beyond 365

Day 42:

Today I am…  Beaming, that’s right beaming with joy.  Today is going to be another day filled with Sun and Warmth.  Oh Joy!  Sure it is a mere 40 degrees at the moment, but the day is supposed to warm to a beautiful 75, and I am loving it!  I have to work this morning, so the most of it will be spent inside, but after work, I can enjoy the rest of it.  Just walking in the sunlight powers me up to a positive, bright, smiling, ball of love.  Oh Sun, oh sun, how I love your rays of energy.  I have always been told that I am solar-powered, (smile).

Caffine and sun, that my friend is one powerful mixture.  I am going to enjoy every bit of it, for it will dwindle and it will get cold Friday, I am hoping though Saturday will be warm, since I will be heading out to the Architects of Air.  Very excited about that.  But for today, let me be off to work, whistling a tune and enjoying the sun filled day.

Today I am…  Beaming.


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