Beyond 365

Day 43:

Today I am…  Shaking my head.  So in a mere 5 days, there will be new changes to the Cap Metro system, the metro rapid bus will be up and running, and there will be new stops and new raised fares.  A three-tiered fare, so if you only want to ride the local buses, the rate is basically the same, now the commuter busses are a buck fifty more, so for a day pass you will have to shell out 3 dollars.  Not a lot I am sure, for one or two trips, but if you are always on it everyday, that adds up tremendously.  I just might be riding that new metro rapid bus from time to time.  Stay tuned for more of the fun that is Ridin’ on the bus.

Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather decides to warm up on Saturday, would hate to venture out in the cold, to the architects of air.  I know it will be cold enough come Thursday evening on to friday, but here’s to praying Saturday is a warm one.

Today I am…  Shaking my head.


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