Beyond 365

Day 44:

Today I am… Feeling the effects.  I have been nauseous since late last night, when I took an allergy tablet.  I am still feeling the effects of it this morning, and it is not good.  Even though I have had breakfast, it all feels as though it will come up and dance me around the room.  I have been drinking water, and I want to lie down, but I have work in a couple of hours, and I don’t need to be missing my bus.  Hopefully it will all subside as the day goes on, and all will be well.

Before I head out the door, I am making chicken tacos for dinner tonight, just want to make them before I go, so that when I get home, all I have to do is sit down and eat.  I bought some ground chicken, first time trying it out, will let you know if it was a success.  (smile).

Looking out my window, it is a bright, sunny day.  So here’s to it my reader’s.  May you have a bright sunny day as well.

Today I am…  Feeling the effects.


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