2 am

It is 2 in the morning, and I am wide awake.  Usually I am sound asleep, but today I am wide awake, it is sleeting heavily outside, in fact I am sure once I do close my eyes, and awake in the morning it will be a winter ice land out.  I peek out the door from time to time, and the ground is almost completely covered in little ice pellets.  Yes, that is going to make for some funky driving out.  Oh my, I have to be out in that tomorrow, but I just might wait till later to head out, have to get some business done financially.  Not looking forward to being out in that, but we shall see how all proceeds.

I have been watching season two of Farscape on Netflix, almost through it all, there are four seasons of it, so it may take me a bit.  I decided to stop on episode 17, will pick it up sometime today.  One thing I am happy about, is that I am off work for today and tomorrow.  Indeed, it is so cold out there, so cold.  Just looking out the window makes me shiver, my goodness.  I am a survivor though, and I will survive and make it through this winter.

With all that being said, I am going to browse Netflix a few moments more, and then attempt to close my eyes and slumber.  Keep warm my reader’s.


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