Beyond 365

Day 46:

Today I am…  Staying Put.  Indeed, indeed my loyal reader’s, today is my snow day… aka “ice day”.  So I am staying put inside of the warmth that is my apartment.  I did happen to go out this morning, but that was to throw my trash out, and then head down the way to the convenience  store to get some coffee and the latest edition of the Austin Chronicle, and of course the cashier persuaded me to buy some of these delicious little mandarin oranges.  Oh those cashiers, so persuasive!

Just a little look-see outside of the ice that has formed on the walk way.



Looking down from the stair steps.



The walk way leading out to the parking lot.  Oh ice, ice, baby!  I was careful not to slide, we can’t have any broken bones this way.

So today will be spent perusing Netflix, and reading the chronicle.  For tomorrow it will be Architects of Air.  Enjoy your weekend my friends and reader’s .

Today I am…  Staying Put.


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