Oh what a day!

It was a beautiful day, started out cold, but warmed up pretty quickly.  Today found me out and about in the city.  Out to check out the Architects of Air, once that was done, I decided to take a stroll across the street to where the lake was.  Ladybird Lake, I walked along the trail, and saw all the dogs, jogger,walker, and such out and about as well.  With my trusty little canon point and shoot, I shot some photos.  Here’s what I saw.


FountianA nice fountain.


Ladybird LakeLadybird Lake.


paddle boatsPaddle boats.


Remembrence TreeA remembrance Tree.


row row rowEnjoying a day of rowing.


Stevie Ray and crewThey really dug the Stevie Ray Vaughn Statute.


Free Hug dayToday happen to be free hug day, and yes, I hugged her.  Sometimes you just need to hug it out.

My day has been a complete day.  Now back to the grind tomorrow.


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