Beyond 365

Day 50:

Today I am…  Starting my day.  Yes, with a hot cup of coffee, getting ready for the work day that is, and it is Cold, cold, cold, brrrr…  I will be leaving a bit early today, to catch the bus, to head into work.  The weather is pretty rank out today, and there have been so many accidents, and road closures, school closures as well.  It would be nice if I did not have to go into work today, but that isn’t the case.  Oh well, C’est La Vie eh.

I got good rest last night, turned in around 10 pm, was enjoying season 3 of farscape, must pick it up once I get home tonight.  I surely had forgotten how good of a show this was.  I slept in this morning, didn’t wake up till around 8 am.  So I am well rested, and feeling good this day.  Yup, in fact I feel ready to take it on, cold and all, lol.  OK, perhaps not the cold, as you know how much I dislike it.  So here’s to a productive day my reader’s, and hope you all are keeping warm.

Today I am…  Starting my day.


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