Beyond 365

Day 51:

Today I am…  Thawing Out!  Oh yes!  I have become a bit unfrozen this morning, sure last night It was terribly cold, not as un-bearing as the day and night before that, but still in my frozen mind, terrible enough.  Today it is still cold, and I do not have to be at work for another couple of hours, this gives me a chance to keep on thawing out, just to re-freeze on the way there.  Oh this crazy winter weather, and it’s not only Texas, it is pretty much all over the other states as well.  I am just grateful that I do not have to cross over any bridges on my way to work.  Those busses’ do be moving at a pretty fast clip.

Well my morning home-brew of coffee is getting me warmed for the day, and it’s about time I head to get ready for work.  I make it through this work day, and it will be two solid days off for me, so here’s to making it today.  Enjoy your day where-ever you may be, and keep warm as well.

Today I am…  Thawing Out!


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