Beyond 365

Day 52:

Today I am…  Slow moving.  I am a bit unmotivated to clean, but I know that I must clean this apartment, I am moving at a snail’s pace at the moment.  I have my Pandora grooving, and I have had my cup of coffee, but still I sit here piddling around.  Oh my, Oh my.  I so hate cleaning, but I haven’t cleaned this apartment for over a week or two, and being inside during these cold weeks, It truly needs airing out and cleaning up.  Plus, I do not want to get sick, you know the flu is still out there.  I think I need to open the curtains and get some sunlight in, that just might spark me.

It has been a week of work, and I get today and tomorrow off, so I need to do what needs to be done.  One thing that I am happy to announce today is that I got a call back for the second interview with the call center, I have an interview this coming Monday.  So stay tuned reader’s.  Stay tuned.

Time is passing by so quickly, if I stop to look at it, I have lived in Austin for almost 7 months come the next month.  Before I know it, a year will have passed for almost everything.  It can be so strange.  Life continues to move on, with or without you.  I can still say that I am settling in.  I still have no furniture in my apartment lol.  Soon, soon, soon.  I suppose I am also slow-moving on that as well, life my friend, life.  I suppose until that day comes, then I should just not talk until I have something to show for.

I need to get my priorities in alignment, I do not need to be thinking about concerts and too many of the extras that I can not afford at the moment, so until then, I need to put those away, heck, concerts will always be here, perhaps when I am more able I can see some of the people I want to in concerts, but for now, I have way more important things to deal with finance wise, I do believe that is one of the major parts of being an adult mean, is getting what needs to be done, done, and then you can do other things.  First things first right?  Yeah, sometimes this adult thing is not all it’s cracked up to be, but then again…

So now let me get off my ass and get to moving it in the direction of getting this place spic and span clean.  Here’s to some motivation today.

Today I am…  Slow moving.


2 thoughts on “Beyond 365

  1. But you also must do things that feed your soul and treat yourself for working hard all week long. Perhaps you can have a treat jar set up where you take a percentage of your pay and set it aside for fun activities. Once you have however much money saved you can treat yourself to something special. All work and no play make Deborah a very boring gal.

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