Beyond 365

Day 54:

Today I am…  Welcoming a new month.

Yes, Today is the first day of February, and I only expect great things from this month.  I left January on a high note, and I welcome in February.  looks like another day that the clouds may burn off and turn into a glorious day, we shall see.  I go in to work this evening, and I know today is going to be just one of the busiest days, with balloon orders, not to mention I am sure tomorrow will be busy as well, with super bowl parties, gonna need balloons as well.  Hey, good thing we are the one stop shop when it comes to parties.

I really do need to set aside some time to go get my eye exam.  It’s already been a year.  I’d love to keep these frames and just get the new lenses put in, but that may just be a bit of a wait, I do not have a back up pair, so I just might buy some frames before I get the exam.  Then once I have the prescription, just take the frames in and have the lenses put in.  Glasses cost mucho bucks, and since my lenses are transition lenses, that is even more money to be shelled out.  Transitions are a must for me, I won’t go back to just plain old lenses.  In the end, it’s all worth it for me and my eyes.

I know I roared on about getting cable, well looks like I have changed my mind, at the moment anyway.  Cable will just eat up more money I can save, so I am just going to forgo it for a while, I have Netflix, and well I do not do a lot of watching television if I am on the computer.  There will be time for cable at another point, just not now.  I have done well without it for 7 months, heck I know I can go longer.

I am still amazed that I have been here in Austin for 7 months now, time sure is flying by, and I have yet to be bored by this place, so much to explore, so much to be had, so many things to taste in this city.  So many new people to meet.  (smile).  Here’s to a fabulous February my reader’s.

Today I am…  Welcoming a new month.



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