Beyond 365

Day 55:

Today I am…   Praising His name.

Yes, Yes, oh my Yes.  This morning I woke feeling down.  My feet were aching, I just wanted to stay in bed, it’s rainy and cold outside, I am feeling lonely, you know all of the above of life.  But I got up, and started to praise His Holy Name.  Praise is what gives me strength, I put on praise and worship music and this fog is disappearing from my mind and my body.  Praise God!  I know not everyday is going to be awesome and bright, and there will be trials and trouble, but I know that His Word is strong, and gives me strength.  I can absolutely rely on Him to bring me through.

It can be hard at times, I keep in mind when those times happen, that He is my saviour and my Rock.  No one can fulfill what he has planned for me.  It is for me to stay the course.

Today I am…  Praising His name.


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