Beyond 365

Day 56:

Today I am…  A Victor!  That’s right my loyal reader’s I went to my second interview, which was really a group style assessment, to see if we grasped the concept of what the company was and what they do.  There were 20 of us, and at the end of this assessment and testing of what it’s about, I am happy to say that we all passed, and we will be training next week.  So on my part, I am happy I passed, there will not be any details on this job, it is a call center type of job, they have some pretty big clients, and well that’s about all I can say on that.  But I am sure that as time goes on, I will have more to say on things lol, just not in details about the job.  So tomorrow I go back in that is if the weather is permitting, it’s suppose to get pretty ugly tonight and tomorrow, but if it’s good, I go in for orientation, and get the info on drug testing.

So another step in the evolution of Deborah, and my life living in Austin, and moving forward.  I say it’s been pretty darn good so far, and look to even more better times.

Now on a more somber note…  It has gotten very, unbelievably cold once again, seems like we are getting hit with all these new cold fronts each week.  I am not liking this one bit.  Just one of the things I dislike about being out and about and having to use public transportation, is when it is cold.  I sat enduring the cold waiting for my bus, ugh.  That sucks, believe me it is just a tiny little complaint, other than that, my life is chugging along at a pretty decent speed.  I am about to venture out to the valero convience store to get a refill of cappuccino.  So here’s to being victorious today in my venture, and to new surroundings, people, and adventures.

Today I am…  A Victor!


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