Beyond 365

Day 58:

Today I am…  blessed!  That’s right, blessed and highly favored.  Today I left a bag of chips and some cookies on the bus stop seat by the domain this morning as I went to the bank.  It was my way of paying it forward to whoever may have been hungry today.  Well tonight, as I got out of work, I headed to the dollar tree to get some bread and a couple of other things.  While I was in line there was a lady in front of me, she asked me if she could pay for my merchandise.  I said sure.  That my friend was God all over that, she was paying it forward to me.  I am blessed, so very blessed.  I will continue to pay it forward in other ways as well.  I was going to start this blog with a cold weather rant, but instead, the spirit has led me in another direction.  Yes, my reader’s…

Today I am…  Blessed!


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