Ding dong, the mouse is dead!

Breaking news, it is dead and buried.  I am now the proprietor of a spanking brand new wireless mouse.  Yay me!  Here I sit, zipping through things, like the speed of light, indeed I am back to a semi-smile.  It has been a very cold and achy day for me.  I suppose it’s all that hard living I’ve been doing that has finally caught up to me…  Not!  You know your old when your body parts start locking up, and you are moving at a snail’s pace on a salt bed.  This cold weather is harsh on these bones and joints of mine.

So let’s re-cap what I have been up to and accomplished since I last wrote.  Got drug screen done for new job, bought groceries and new mouse, now home and doing laundry , cancelled the gym membership that I have had, and had not used in a year, so now I am done paying them off, and about to hit up Netflix.  Yeah, I say I’ve been productive alright.  Chicken patty sandwich in one hand, nice cup of coffee in the other, and getting toasty warm.  That’s takin’ care of business.

I spent more than I would have liked at the store, but all was needed.  It’s a good thing I made bank this paycheck.  Rent and water all paid up, telephone and utilities will come from next pay, all the in-between as well.  I already set up direct deposit for the new job, and I start training classes Tuesday, it’s  three days of training.  Then it’s on the floor doing what they do.  My last day at the party city is the 16th.  They have been very good to me, I worked my hiney off to get to stay, and it will be a bit sad to go, but not that much sadness.  I did meet some very interesting people, but I am moving on, this is my attempt to break out of the Retail Cycle.  I pray I do well and go learn lots.  Plus with making more hours at this job, it will give me a better chance and getting my new camera a lot quicker.  Getting out the savings Jar.  I know it’s going to be a Nikon, I am now debating on which one, seeing as I have had my eye on the D3100 for 3 years now lol.  I think that it will be one of the newer models.   Of course this also means that I can finally get some real furniture for my apartment, starting with a real bed, and working my way from there.  Stay tuned.

I hope that y’all are enjoying your Friday into the weekend.  Keep it fun, stay safe and warm, and whatever you do or do not do, enjoy.


One thought on “Ding dong, the mouse is dead!

  1. Congrats! Was wondering if you would keep the pt job for a while, but I see you are going in head first! Hope it works out well and provides the stability you have been seeking.

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