Beyond 365

Day 63:

Today I am…  Lounging around.  it is now 1 pm I am still in my pj’s and fuzzy socks.  Sandwich in one hand, typing this out with the other, nope it doesn’t look like I am even going to get into street clothing today, I plan on just staying inside on my day off and doing nothing more than lounging around, and watching Netflix.  I did have a plan today to get out and go down to the discount furniture store and check out what kinds of beds and other furniture they had about, as I opened the door today to look out into the world at hand; well I just decided that today would best serve me by staying indoors.  The temperature has dropped and it is cold and gray today, and for me, if I don’t have to be out in it for work or other important business dealings; well that is my que to stay put inside and relax.  And by all means, that is what I am going to do this day.  Plus I am not feeling a bit emotional.  Believe me I do have my ups and downs, I just don’t like to show them as much.  Just trying to keep out of my own mind with things, the past, and all the other things that keep rolling around in there.

I have been pretty amazed at myself lately though, when I first started this 365 thing, I thought ok, let’s finally give this a try, and I hope that I am able to write something for 365 days, well unlike my photo a day projects, where I did not finish them, this is chugging right along.  I think it is helpful to me that some days I have lots to say and some days not so much, as long as I get something down that I have done or will be doing or whatever it may be.  I have even been thinking about the next 365 challenge to myself, but know that I do not need to look past the day that I am in now.  To be continued on this.

Well reader’s it’s  time for me to get back down to some heavy-duty lounging, hope you all are staying warm if you live where this cold blast is, and keeping it fun this Monday.

Today I am…  Lounging around.











































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