Beyond 365

Day 66:

Today I am…  All smiles!  Indeed my loyal reader’s I am all smiles.  Why you ask, or do not ask, well because my mom is coming down today, I haven’t seen her in over a month or so, and I finally get to see her this weekend.  She will only be down for 3 days, leaving on Sunday, but I will take the 3 days.  Of course I will be doing my training the two out of the three and working on that third day, but I will still get that quality time in with her.  Also she is brining me some goodies, and that always makes me smile.  So not sure what exactly we will do today once I get back home from my training, what ever it is, it will be enjoyed.

So today is day two of training, and I feel it is going well and it is sinking in, sure have a few glitches, but in all things are going good.  Yesterday we got out temp badges, were we are able to walk around the complex without being escorted by the trainers and staff.  I had to take off my glasses, I look dorky really, but what can ya say, it’s policy.  I stood in front of the green wall, since green is my favorite color.   We trained on a client that we will have once we get on the floor, it’s all coming together.  It may seem boring and mundane, but for the moment, I will take it over the hordes of people and their screaming minions and messy stores, that take so much time to put back together, standing on my aching feet all day, and dealing with others emotions.  This my friend is a much more quiet  pace and I am going to take advantage of it.  So here’s to day two of my training.  May it all continue to sink in and be absorbed into my brain and pores.

Today I am…  All smiles!


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