Beyond 365

Day 67:

Today I am…  Ready for the day.  I am up and fully awake this morning, I mean really awake.  I am having breakfast and listening to Chip Ingram, while my mom is asleep in the bedroom.  Today is the last day of our training, and we get our assessments and then more lectures on what is what, then find out what our schedules will be.  I am pretty excited.  Stay tuned.  Then finally going to get around to taking my mom to Sam Moon, and the other shopping centers at the shops at the arbor.  This should be really fun today.  Oh yes, can you believe it is Valentine’s Day already.  Oh ho-hum really.  The truth is, that I am glad that I have so much going on, it does take my mind off of not having valentines to spend and do all those things for.  For me, today will be just another day, a day of enjoying with my mom.  Oh that day will come, when I am not longing for that valentines’ love.  But until then, life goes on, and at the moment it is just another day, filled with sweet treats, and flowers lol.  Here’s to your Valentine’s Day…  May it be filled with bears, hearts, balloons, and plenty of chocolates.  Also take time to tell your loved ones, how much they mean to you, and how much you appreciate them.

So my friends, time to get ready to get out and be fabulous.  Enjoy your day where ever you are.

Today I am…  Ready for the day.


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