Beyond 365

Day 69:

Today I am…  irked

Irked because I missed day 68, so I suppose the streak is kind of broken, but I am still charging onward.  I was pretty busy yesterday, and I had meant to write once I got home, but got busy with my mom, listening to slow jams, oh these times, they are very, very sweet.  But today I will be sending my mom back home to San Angelo, but will see her again next month.   Today is my last day working at the party city, and really, I do not want to go in, but I told them I would be there, and I am a woman of my word, and will keep to that.  For tomorrow, I start my new job, and venture to all things new.

I am feeling good, feeling really good about how things are working out for me, but it is only by His Grace, that I am in the place that I need to be.  Welp friends and reader’s work has got to be done.  Here’s to all things new.

Today I am…  Irked, and I really should not be.


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