Beyond 365

Day 70:

Today I am…  Taking the next step.  Today I start my new job as an intent analyst, am I nervous; just a little, but I know when I calm these nerves I will do just awesome.  I am going to be leaving the apartment a couple of hours early so that I can have some time before I hit the production floor to get my fingerprinting done, and the little extra to get myself together.  Yes, I am nervous, but I am also excited.  Excited because this is a new step forward for me, and to know that it is more experience and learning in my life.  It gives me a big smile inside and out.  I have gotten so much support from my family, my friends who are online and off, and the biggest support comes from myself, in putting that first foot forward.  I praise God everyday for the opportunities and the guidance of my steps.

Here’s to moving forward my friends, and reader’s.

Today I am…  Taking the next step.


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